Bloomsday Is Coming!

This Post was originally published on my Blog spot …blog!! So it was a month until Bloomsday when I originally wrote this!!
Leopold Bloom flying through St. Stephen's Green on his bike
It is officially only one month until Bloomsday and I’m getting kind of excited.

It’s still a whole month though – so don’t want to build it up too much in my head in case it turns out to be an almighty let down.

I worked on the last two Bloomsday festivals in Dublin at the James Joyce Centre. The week coming up to B-Day was hell because of all the last minute preparations, and also crazed phone calls from people trying to book last minute tickets to stuff that’s been booked out for the last couple of weeks.

I get the feeling that this year won’t be much different for everyone in the centre – but I won’t be there for the mania – I’ll just stroll into Meeting House Square on the big B-Day and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere!

Stacey Herbert, who is the festival organiser has started up a Twitter account so users can get up to date tweets on what’s happening with the festival this year. .

The James Joyce Centre’s Bloomsday line up looks fun – the festival has taken a decidely more relaxed tone this year. For example, the readings in Meeting House Square will be more interactive – there will be some actors and musicians performing, but Leo Enright – MC for the day will be encouraging onlookers to come on stage to read bits from the “usylessly unread-able Blue Book of Eccles”. The will also only be one day of Bloomsday Breakfasts this year – as opposed to the marathon of 3 days of Bloomsday Breakfasts last yr – I have never seen so many sausages in my life!! The recession has definitely hit Joyce world!

In general Bloomsday will infiltrate Dublin in its usual fashion with Baloonatics performing all around Dublin, walking tours both by the Joyce Centre and Pat Liddy, as part of Dublin Tourism’s Let’s Walk and Talk initiative. The evening will probably give over to a massive session in pubs like Davy Byrne’s and Hedigans The Brian Boru. Not to be missed, however is the IFI’s screening of the unbeatable The Dead – this is on my “must do” list – even if I have it on DVD – I still want to go see it on a big screen with all the atmosphere of Bloomsday!!

I have been asked to dress up but I can categorically say you will not see me in any period costume – they are far too fussy!! However, I may don a straw hat!

Only one month to go – it’s the final countdown!!

See what’s going on around the world for Bloomsday.

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