Welcome to Quality Waffle

Welcome to my blog!

I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with it – all I know is, I have to write a franchise blog as part of my job and it focuses on franchise opportunities (shameless links I know – but hey, any help with SEO makes my life easier) entrepreneurship and small businesses which can prove quite interesting. Another quick plug for our new Irish franchise portal!

However, I have a massive interest in the Irish arts scene. I love going to plays, films, events and I love reading so why not have a blog about that!! Also, I’m originally from Limerick, so I’m sure there will be a couple of posts about Limerick!

I’m going to be involved in the upcoming Bloomsday festival in Dublin, so keep watching this blog to find out all the juicy gossip from the Joycean world – that sounded incredibly nerdy!! But if you want to find out more about cool events going on for Bloomsday – June 16th for those of you not in the loop, then visit the James Joyce Centre’s Bloomsday listing to find out more.

Anyways, I was recently at two plays in the Project Arts Centre – Love and Money and The Bird Sanctuary (as part of the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival) – so when I get the chance I’ll put some thoughts up about those.

I’ve diverted from my usual diet of Irish writing to read some Cormac McCarthy (his name is Irish tho’!). I’m currently reading “All The Pretty Horses” – getting on ok – it’s a grower – any thoughts anyone?!

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