B is for Bloomsday

Bloomsday is tomorrow.

Bloomsday Dublin
Bloomsday Dublin

For those of you unaware, this is one of the most celebrated dates in literature. The day a “mixed middling” went to a funeral, wandered the streets of Dublin, ate a gorgonzola sandwich, got lambasted for being Jewish (even tho’ in the strictest terms he wasn’t!), made friends with another wandering soul, had a serious hallucination, got locked out and then managed to get in home, maybe asked his wife for eggs for breakfast and then fell asleep. That’s Bloom’s story – I couldn’t be bothered doing Stephen’s ‘cos I don’t like him! And Molly, well she lay in bed all day, apart from when Boylan called round – actually she lay in bed then too!!!

Anyways, all this literary mayhem is celebrated and reinacted tomorrow – the 16th of June. You would be forgiven for thinking that all the madness is happening in Dublin. But oh no, it’s happening across the world from as far afield as Brazil, through the US, Canada, UK, France, Poland, The Hague, Africa and through to Australia. Bloomsday is Worldwide.

Funnily enough, as far as I know, the only place in Ireland, outside of Dublin celebrating Bloomsday is a small village outside of Limerick called Bruff. Totally random! This place has no connection unlike the Limerick city suburb of Garryowen which lends its name tothe dog accompanying Cyclops’ star – The Citizen. Bruff are holding their own Bloomsday celebrations including readings and short film documentaries. Click here to find out more about Bloomsday in Bruff.

Other than that – there is heaps going on in Dublin! Readings in Meeting House Square with Dustin the Turkey, RTE’s Anne Doyle and a certain Irish movie director! There will be breakfasts consumed all over the capital, as well as the ever popular walking tours however this year seems to be dominated by movies! The IFI will screen John Huston’s magnificent “The Dead”, they also screening RTE documentary “Imagining Ulysses ” and Cineworld on Parnell St will screen Sean Walshe’s “Bloom”. Click to find out more about Bloomsday in Dublin.

I’ll be there in my straw hat. Some people see it as an invitation to wear a corset – but I don’t think that’s my kind of thing!!


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