It’s that time of year again….

With the annual Festival Fringe creating such a racket over in Edinburgh at the moment, the theatre frenzy is set to infect Dublin pretty soon. The Dublin Fringe Festival and The Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival are both set to play host to a variety of plays and dance pieces over the months of September and early October.

Last week saw the box office open for the “posher than the fringe” theatre festival and there was a bit of a mad rush for tickets. Not as much as last year apparantly because of the Big R. I have my tickets purchased for Pan Pan’s “The Crumb Trail” – a sort of alternative look at the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale and the isolation of the individual in modern society – FUN!! Is it just me or is there a smaller line up than previous years? The Fringe boasts the usual too large to be able to navigate properly programme, so much so that I will need to spend about two hours looking through everything before deciding what tickets to spend my monies on. I do want to broaden my horizons though, so I’m going to branch out and away from regular theatre so a trip to La Clique is long overdue and I think that maybe 12 Minute Dances presented by the Rex Levitates dance company might be worth a trip.

Stay tuned for some waffle-tastic reviews of above!! Or, in the meantime, watch this youtube vid of the launch of the UB Theatre Festival, featuring interviews with Festival Director Loughlin Deegan and various other directors and participants in the festival.

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