Willie Harcourt at the Templebar Chocolate Festival

Wow, this guy is just the ultimate male! He’s quite good-looking, has a gorgeous accent, a sense of humour AND he loves chocolate….of course he’s married!!!

Attending Willie Harcourt-Cooze talk in the Button Factory, for Templebar’s annual Chocolate Festival (thanks to the Daily Spud for the tickets), I couldn’t help but think that whilst being amazing at your job and very knowledgeable is very important, but to be able to deliver a magnificent and effective talk you also need to be a great communicator and Mr Willie Wonka (sorry Harcourt) definitely was.

He began by talking us through the beauty of cacoa (I don’t get the difference between cacao and cocoa – those in the know tell me there is none), and how it’s processed, how it can vary in flavour and basically how amazing and fantastic it is in general! Then, he handled around samples of cacoa beans, then the nibs, then the 100% and then a milk chocolate he had made from a dark chocolate – it was fantastic to taste the flavour changing as he spoke us through the process….and then we all got free samples – Happy Chocolatey Days:)

You can get Mr Harcourt’s fine chocolate in Avoca and methinks he said Brown Thomas…definitely Avoca though. Grate some of it into warm milk, add some honey and the world of amazing hot chocolate is yours…never going back to Cadbury’s again. The video below is not necessarily about chocolate, but just show Willie in fine, oratory mood:

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