Rodrigo Y Gabriela Review

I was one of the lucky ones at last night’s Rodrigo Y Gabriela gig in the Olympia Theatre. I should, at the outset, state that I am no music connoisseur and I don’t play any musical instrument, however my own intuition tells me that what tiny, teensy, delightful Gabriela did to that guitar last night was not normal!!!

The gig was fantastic, five stars all round – even with the nutty, shouty guys a few standing rows behind us who kept on heckling the Mexican duo – ah sure, they made the rest of us look civilised! The talented two had just as much resilience as Eamon Morrissey on Saturday night, especially Gabriela’s nuckles which were used to repeatedly drum on the guitar – as my gig buddy said “her hands freak me out, hands aren’t supposed to do things like that”.

It’s odd, and I don’t mean to go into any sort of feminist rant, but I felt particularly triumphant as a woman coming out of the gig as Gabriela really kicked Rodrigo’s ass in terms of guitar playing. Maybe I’m missing the point. They’re a couple who have been playing guitar together for years, and they have obviously reached a “groove” which suits their act, but you can’t help feeling that she really is the star of the show. Rodrigo is the show man, calling on the audience to clap and cheer, but all eyes are on Garbiela’s hands at the end of the day!

Here’s a video I found on Youtube today from last night’s gig – thanks to garretdpearse . Visual not so good, but as I thought to myself last night as yet another ridiculously tall person stood in front on me, it’s all about the music:

Missed them?! Not to worry, because the sexy, musical couple love us so much; they’re back in Ireland in December.

I’m braving the Abbey tomorrow night for Terminus. Looking forward to it, as I missed it last time it played in the Peacock and have heard only good things.

Also, off to Belfast in December – any ideas for a good gig or play to go to up there?!

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  1. Love Rodgab – genius stuff thanks for posting this. Have you heard Andy Mckee – amazing guitar player – more fingerstyle but incredible stuff Also for guitar stuff Matt Stevens is good – more Rodgab spanish style – worth a listen or Erik Mongrain is amazing as well.


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