The Great Big Oscar Movie Watchathon

It shall henchforth be known as GBOMW – because I couldn’t be arsed typing all those words again.

OK, the Oscars approach so now is our chance to seize the opportunity and watch as many movies as possible so that we can all make informed comments on the big night in February. Last year, my buddy Alison did this and by the time Oscar night came around she was really excited to see which of her favourite movies won awards. So, I’ve compiled a list – based on MovieFone’s predictions.  I also did some research on release times for the movies – so here are all the movies to watch along with their release times (according to IMDB and other resources):

In the cinema

Precious (Dec. 09)

A Serious Man (Nov. 20th)

The Lovely Bones (2010)

Up in the Air (Dec. 09)

Nine (Nov. 27th)

Amelia (Nov. 13th)

An Education (Oct. 30th)

Where the Wild Things Are (Dec. 11th 09)

District 9 (?! Now?! Soon?!)

A Single Man (Jan. 2010)

The Informant (Nov. 20th)

The Road (Nov. 09).

Get Low (?)

The Boys are Back (Nov. 09)

Things to get on DVD or Screenclick

Julie & Julia

Star Trek


The Hurt Locker


Broken Embraces

The Burning Plain

That’s a lot of movie watching – I’m glad I have my cineworld card – here’s hoping they get all those movies in. No doubt as the awards draw closer more and more movies will get added. The only one I’ve watched so far has been An Education which was fantastic so I’m glad the GBOMW has got off to a good start.

Any suggestions for other movies? Drop me a comment!!!

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