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I’ve noticed on my blog stats page, that I’ve been getting a lot of traffic through from searches for info on Flann O’Brien and postmodernism. When I was completing a BA in English, I wrote my degree thesis on Flann O’Brien and Postmodernism as well as post colonialism; so I’ve decided to publish my project on the blog.

When I was researching the project, there was very little written about O’Brien or any of his work, so I really had to dig deep to get some quality academic articles. Now, I’m not for a minute suggesting that my project is an academic article, however the bibliography down the bottom has some stuff listed that maybe others undertaking work on O’Brien might not be aware of, such as the book published by Queen’s University by Anne Clune and Tess Hurson, which I found invaluable. Keith Hopper’s book is also very good, especially for a more advanced academic and someone who really wants to undertake a theoretical reading of O’Brien’s work.

So, anyways, if you’ve happened upon my blog from a search on Flann O’Brien and/or postmodernism…welcome!!! If you want to correct me on anything, or add anything to what I’ve posted..feel free to comment:)

To view the project, either click on the link above or here: Flann O’Brien and Postmodernism.

I also have a thesis written on Joyce…..but I think the internet has enough of him right now!!!!!

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  1. I am the editor of a small Irish journal called CHRISTVS REGNAT. I wonder if you would consider writing an article on Flann O’Brien and Catholicism?


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