Medea at the Beckett Theatre

Medea is a woman scorned by a wandering husband for whom she betrayed her family. Faced with banishment from the only place she can call home with two small sons, Medea seeks her revenge. However, the only revenge that will quell her anger towards her husband is a revenge that will ultimately destroy her also.

Siren Productions modern take on this classic is stunningly executed and performed by a stellar cast including Eileen Walsh, Stuart Graham and the ever amazing Olwen Fouéré. The stage itself is a character also, a modern home, yet also a prison containing secrets and plots and ultimately the scene for horrifying acts. Medea, initially imprisoned in her bedroom, once the site of marital bliss, darts around her home’s many rooms searching for ways to escape the pain of her heartbreak. Other characters move fluidly between the rooms, echoing the motion of the unfolding events which shape Medea and her family’s future. A model boat is carried around the rooms, a symbol of the travel Medea must face into her exile, but also her entrapment – out at sea on her own with nowhere to call home and no family to call on.

The production is frenetic, full of energy and movement and also at times quite playful, however it is the closing scenes which are the most powerful as Medea reveals the true strength of her hurt and jealously and how far she will really go to exact her revenge on her cheating husband.

Playing in the Beckett Theatre, Trinity College until Sat. 25th of Sept. as part of the ABSOLUT Fringe Festival, this production is a must for those wanting to see an interesting modern take on a classic. And at €15 a ticket, it’s a steal for a production with such an impressive cast! Clickedy click here for more details.

One response to “Medea at the Beckett Theatre”

  1. Aye. Its the sort of play that familiar aphorisms such as “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” were devised for!

    Going to see BUTCHER BABES also. Violent females seem to be a popular at the Fringe this year…

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