The Madness of Men

A friend wrote me a letter the other day (yes an actual letter, in an envelope not an email and written with ink not electronic letters) and mentioned that he loves reading my blog and keeping up to date with all the plays I’ve been to in Dublin. So then I felt guilty about not writing my blog lately and promised myself I’d publish something…..that was a week ago…..I’m such a lazy ass!

In my defence, I do have a new love. My new love has been distracting me from lots of things including my lovely friends and housemates, distracting me from my favourite tv programs and also from reading. My new love consists of the first three series of Mad Men. It’s just so bloody addictive. Every evening I just want to hide myself away from the world and find out who Don Draper is wooing now. I’m into the fourth episode of Season Three and I really need to get my hands of Season 4 soon.

Anyways, I did get to a few shows at the Theatre Festival after – I was at The Silver Tassie, Una Santa Oscura and also B for Baby, which I will post reviews of while dreaming of Don Draper making a creative pitch.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some Seasame Street Mad Men fun:


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