Fringe Resources for Artists

Wow, two posts in one day – you’d know I’m supposed to be doing something else wouldn’t ya!!! I’m putting off my design project ’til, by some devine intervention, I am somehow able to use InDesign and have developed the artistic skills of Picasso. Up until then, I’m sticking to blogging – chicken, me?! Never!

Anyways, Fringe sent round an email there yesterday with info on their new Fringe Lab initiative, so I said that it would be nice to pass this on to spread the word!

Have a goo:

In addition to its annual festival presenting the new and the next in the performing arts each September, ABSOLUT Fringe provides year round support to performing artists who present, or would like to present work at the festival.  This support includes workshops, rehearsal/studio space, equipment loans, use of office space, mentorship, advice clinics and master-classes. With thanks to The Arts Council’s theatre resource sharing initiative, the Fringe have now expanded this support, under the banner Fringe Lab.

Fringe Lab will now offer:

  • Year round studio space for performing artists to develop work in a practical and private setting
  • Desk space in the ABSOLUT Fringe office with free wifi, phones and printer access

These services will be available free of charge to artists.

From April, Fringe Lab involves private studio time in the LAB, Dublin City Council’s purpose built facility for the arts, on Foley Street. Lab space is available. To take part in Fringe Lab, the Fringe want to know about you, your project, and your availability. Numerous slots are available and are open to all performing artists and Kate O’Sullivan, the Fringe Lab Coordinator is available on

The application form is available on the Fringe’s website at Closing date for April/May session is April 11th at 6pm. Applications for June/July/August must be received by April 30th at 6pm.

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