Imagine Bloomsday

As I press this Gabriel Byrne is on The Late Late Show doing Jedward impressions and speaking about Imagine Ireland’s second half launch which took place today in Dublin and announces an impressive line up of events due to take part across the US involving artists from a variety of art forms in Ireland.

With over 400 events due to take place in the US in 2011 which Imagine Ireland is funding, the Irish are definitely getting a lot of exposure this year. With a wealth of dancers, musicians, writers and actors performing across the US this year, it’s amazing we still have stuff going on here too! Do the clicky thing here to see Imagine Ireland’s programme of events.

I noticed a Bloomsday event listed in the line up. IABANY are organising an event to commemorate the landmark censorship case taken preventing the publication of Ulysses in the US and how Joyce’s fight against this case contributed towards “freedom of speech” for US artists and citizens in general. It looks like a pretty cool event because they’re going to do an enactment of the court scenes. There’s a ridiculous amount of events going on worldwide for Bloomsday this year, which you can view here. Of course there’s also a wealth of events taking place in Dublin. The Joyce Centre announced their program of events this week which includes a nice array of events for both the young and old – such as musical events in Stephen’s Green, readings, exhibitions, talks, walking tours, a pretty cool cycling tour and a pub quiz. You can see all the Joycean fun to be had in Dublin this Bloomsday here.

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