Ulysses Seen

I’m glad my first post as an official “dot.ier” is on Joyce!

For those who want to experience the story of Ulysses but just can’t be arsed reading the novel (it’s my blog I’m allowed curse!) then a comic book version is a great option!

Robert Berry and co. have spent a lot of time illustrating Ulysses in this superb online comic book adaptation – Ulysses Seen. Created not just as an illustration of the novel, but also as an online edition of Joyce’s masterpiece, this version is also highly interactive and includes a user’s guide to open up certain sections to the reader.

The process is extremely time consuming and costly so the project has only completed episodes one and four so far, episode 4 Calypso has just been released in time for this year’s Bloomsday. In my opinion it’s a fantastic way to open up Joyce’s Ulysses to a wider audience, go explore here: http://www.ulyssesseen.com/ (also available for the iPad!)

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