Literary Death match

Quite possibly one of my favourite Dublin based blogs – recently mentioned this event, and it looks really cool so I thought I’d share it:

Literary Death Match – Friday June 24th (doors at 8pm, show at 9.05pm) at the Workman’s Club, and it’s just €7 in.

Judges for the evening include Mark O’Halloran (of Adam & Paul fame), comedian Miriam Elia and actress Kelly Campbell. They will judge the literary ramblings of  poet Niamh MacAlister, writer and director Virginia Gilbert, comedian Gareth Stack, and performer Stephen James Smith.

Unfortunately I can’t go, because fortunately I need to go home and pack for my amazing and fantastic trip to Australia – 3 whole weeks – wahoo!

If anyone’s going, lettuce know how it goes – looks like a super geeky fun thing to do. More details here:

To find out more about what it’s all about or what to expect, watch the video below:

One response to “Literary Death match”

  1. You’re hereby required to come next time. First week of September, if all breaks right!

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