In Anticipation of Misterman

It’s been a little while since I posted here. I enjoyed a wonderful 3 weeks in Australia, taking in the gorgeous cities of Sydney and Melbourne, ate lots of food, drank loads of beer and wine and enjoyed time with family in Australia. Returned to the horrible news of the passing of a beloved pet (17 years is good for a well taken care of – maybe too well taken care of Shih Tzu however and nobody wants a good, gentle dog to suffer before they die).

Anyways, traumatic pet bereavements aside; I am very much looking forward to tomorrow because I’m taking a trip to Galway to see Landmark Production’s Misterman. I’m going to put my hands up and say I’ve never actually see an Enda Walsh play before (ok go on, shoot me!), however I did see Cillian Murphy in the film version of Disco Pigs and was suitably impressed so that kinda counts doesn’t it?

I have however seen a Landmark Productions’ play before – Knives and Hens which to date is tying with The Peacock’s production of Marina Carr’s Woman and Scarecrow as the best play I’ve ever seen.

I’ve done the mandatory Twitter search for “Misterman” and it seems to be going down a treat, and with the play completely booked out I’m glad I managed to secure a ticket to this production. It’s a pity it’s not coming to Dublin or going abroad – even to London, but I’m guessing Cillian Murphy isn’t exactly stuck for work at the mo’.

Does it ever strike anyone how weird play trailers are? I dunno, there has to be a more creative way of doing a trailer for a play. I’m not criticising Landmark directly, they’re doing exactly what every other production company does – but surely, coming from an industry full of creative people they could come up with something a bit different and more engaging than a montage of quotes and images – I guess budget restrains creativity in this regard.

Anyways, non engaging trailer below:

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