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At the outset I should say that I haven’t experienced an enormous amount of Beckett – just a brief dalliance with his work as part of an M.Phil in Anglo Irish Literature course and a trip to see the magnificent Michael Gambon as Krapp in the Gate. However, I know enough of the playwright to say that I can take him or leave him.

However, the one play of Beckett’s that I really loved when I first read it is All That Fall. It’s probably one of the most accessible of Beckett’s plays and his first written for radio. I’ve heard a radio recording of it before (by the BBC I think) and it’s excellent, laugh out loud humour. So, needless to say I can’t wait to see Pan Pan’s version of it at the Project pretty soon. I read an article by Eithne Shorthall in the Sunday Times’ Culture magazine last week and it looks like a match made in heaven, with all the darkness of Beckett and the weirdness of Pan Pan. And I have heard from a very unreliable source that they’re installing super comfy chairs in the Project for the “projection performance” of the recording, designed to recreate the experience of family and friends gathering around the radio or wireless years ago.

In direct contrast to that desire for the old fashioned way of life, is the Project’s new marketing technique – discounts by tweets! If you tweet about buying a ticket to the show, you get a 10% discount (and that can even be on top of a student discount) – fantastic stuff! Click here to tweet and book, or just book. Show runs Aug 22 – Sept 2.

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