Review: Morning at Traverse Theatre

Strobe lights and hissy teenagers are not exactly what you want shoved in your face the morning after a night out in Edinburgh, yet Lyric Hammersmith’s fresh, young cast managed somehow to charm and captivate my weary mind.

Bouncing on stage with all the teenage angst that makes me glad to be in my twenties; Morning’s sassy characters tell the tale of a young girl struggling to come to terms with life’s challenges including bereavement, boy trouble and lost friendships.

Music, strobes, clever use of movable lighting and the destructive use of props all combine to produce a feverish piece of theatre that at times is clunky but ultimately engaging and thrilling.

Don’t go if you don’t like rough and ready theatre but I’m in Edinburgh just under 24 hours and I’ve already worked out that if you’re a polished performance theatre fan you probably wouldn’t find yourself amidst this cacophony of experimental, creative and bustling festival.

Plays at Traverse Theatre until August 19 with a mixture of matinee and evening performances. Tickets £13-20 (concession rates available).

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