Review: The Oh Fuck Moment at Filmbase

I’ve had way too many Oh Fuck moments than I care to remember – the innocent, fairly repairable ones likes spilling red wine at an aunt’s house and the heart in the mouth, oh-dear-fucking-god-what-have-I-done moments in work when you realised that there’s no turning back and you just have to face the music.

It’s refreshing then to meet some people who can share their own Oh Fuck moments and turn them around to make them feel like an affirmation of how wonderfully human you are, how you don’t subscribe to the belief that you’re always perfect and never mess up and how wonderful that is in itself as you have fully accepted your ability as a perfectly functioning human to fuck up every now and again.

The Oh Fuck Moment is just like yesterday’s ‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit’ in that it is a welcome breath of fresh air. I went into Filmbase feeling a bit dreary and came out feeling great, rejoicing in the fact that I’ve made mistakes. It’s like a club really, the Oh Fuck club. We (i.e. I and my fellow audience members) shared our Oh Fuck moments and gave each other pats on the back for accepting our moments of ill-decision. Sitting around with cups of tea, we all laughed, sighed and gasped as tale after tale of ‘oh fuck’ moments were shared – some heart-breaking, some hysterical and others so unbearably relatable.

The Oh Fuck Moment isn’t comfortably labelled as theatre, I’d be quicker to describe it as a workshop of sorts, one that teaches you to deal with everything from the minor everyday fuck ups (spillages, slips of the tongue and such) to the major catastrophes such as totalling your car or telling your boss to fuck off. If you’re feeling the pressure to always deliver 100% without fault (who doesn’t feel that way?), then you’re due a visit to The Oh Fuck Moment – a relaxing piece of interactive performance with warm revelations about how you’re only normal if you fuck up every now and again – as James Joyce once said ‘a man’s errors are his portals of discovery’.

The Oh Fuck Moment plays in Filmbase until September 22. More info here >>

5 responses to “Review: The Oh Fuck Moment at Filmbase”

  1. Lovely post. The two people that gave it were great, hard to know if they were acting or if that was really them! I think we’re on a similar voyage at the fringe. What are you going to next?

  2. Thanks! I’m off to see This is What We Do for a Living this weekend on a friend’s recommendation. The location alone sold it to me – I love Smock Alley. Money runs out then tho so that’ll be the end of the Fringe for me 😦 How about you?

  3. I went to U R Hamlet and We belong dead tonight! Both were pretty good. Strangely, I’m white rabbiting again also, and might try to get to Souvenir. Sad the end is in site. Will check out ‘This is what we do…’, thanks for the tip!

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