Wonderland’s Dubliners CD Launch

If you’ve already read my review of Wonderland Productions’ Dubliners audio walking tour, then you’ll know I’m a fan. An audio walking tour immersing the walker into the stories of Dubliners with the sounds and music appearing as you visit locations scattered across the city; the tour is a great opportunity for readers of Joyce to bring the stories to life.

CD front cover Dubliners_ResizedStaring out the window, you may feel a little reluctant at the prospect of staring at Joyce’s grey Dublin with the wind and rain beating your face, so the company’s newly released CD version of the tour is just the ticket.

For me the beauty of the stories is that they are unlike your average audio book as the stories have been carefully edited to make them all about the dialogue and sounds and less about the prose itself. The narrative sections have been partially removed and in some instances changed into dialogue so that the listener gets a more 360 view of the story than they would with a traditional reading of each story.

The acting cast is wonderful – melodious Dublin accents skip their way through the stories, inviting you to become part of each event.

If you’d like to experience the actual walking tour (which I’d highly recommend) you can do so by starting off from the James Joyce Centre on North Great George’s Street or if you fancy cuddling up on the couch and experiencing Joyce’s Dublin through CD – maybe opening up Google Street View as you do, then you can download the album on iTunes ($9.99) or purchase the CD on Amazon (£19.41).

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