Who Needs Glossy Mags …?

I haven’t been a play in yonks so I’ve nowt to post about. Instead I’ve been reading. Problem is my new-media-dictated attention span doesn’t always help me wade my way through a novel but I’m not the type of person who gets excited by the thoughts of celebrity drivel (apart from the shocking news that Justin Bieber is back dating yer wan, like, OMG) s =o glossy magazines are you – you can imagine my reading choice conundrum.

Enter stage left: Stack independent magazine subscription service.

Exit stage right: Reading choice conundrum.

Printed Pages magazineStack is a funky magazine subscription service based in lovely London town. According to my very active imagination, they spend their days sipping fine blend coffee and browsing through a plethora of the world’s quirkiest and most interesting independent magazines. Then they decide which ones are the best and post one out to their subscribers (i.e. me, and the likes of me) once a month.

I’ve been a subscriber for over a year at this point and my house is happily playing host to wonderfully pretty and intriguing publications – my peepers have been privileged with the calmly feminine beauty of Oh Comely magazine and popped open to the world of mountain biking by The Ride. My palate has soaked up all that PORT magazine’s food edition has to waffle on about and I’m waiting to see Django Unchained before reading my copy of Little White Lies (an entire magazine devoted to Tarantino’s latest flick).

When I think about it, it works out pricey enough – €11/month with one magazine being delivered a month. However, you can specify what magazines you do and do not want to receive and I can almost guarantee it’ll be a magazine you will want to read each time, so for me, it’s money well spent. Even if the editorial content isn’t always what excites me, the design alone is something I love looking at. Independent magazines have this wonderful beauty about them – so much attention is given to defining a style and look, Juke Magazine for instance design all their own adverts, so you’ll see print adverts for big enough brands that are unique and only appear in Juke.

Anyways, this month’s delivery – Printed Pages is eyeballing me from my coffee table and promises me perfect Sunday afternoon reading fodder, so I’m going to stop gushing about it and read it.

Finally, I know what you’re thinking and the collective term for flamingos is in fact a ‘flamboyance’ of flamingos – but what you should also know is that you can subscribe for Stack Magazine ici.

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