Review: Queens of Pimlico at Civic Theatre

Ireland is a nation of strong women. When you go way back to the Celtic era you can see where we get it from. Throughout the years, strong women like Grainne Mhaol and Constance Markievicz have influenced the psyche of the Irish female to imbue in us a strong sense of self, justice and pride. And no better place to explore feminine strength than in the tenements of 1950s Dublin.

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 23.05.21Queens of Pimlico tells the story of two sisters, whose love for one another can triumph even against betrayal and misfortune. This is the third production I’ve seen by Derek Masterson’s No Tears production company and they always manage to find a gentle balance between humour and genuine drama.

While the misfortune of the characters doesn’t create an uplifting story, the characters’, and in particular Rita’s character lighten the mood through real warmth and humour even in the darkest times.

Recommended as a good insight into the plight of women during the 1950s and also if you fancy a good story, well told and with some tear-jerking moments thrown in for good measure.

Plays at the Civic Theatre until November 30. More info on securing tickets here.

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