Review: Collected Stories at The Teachers’ Club

Stories lie behind stories in Company D Theatre’s newest production ‘Collected Stories’ currently playing at The Teachers’ Club on Parnell Square.

CollectedStoriesA small theatre space awaits you with a poignant, at times playful and evocative story of storytellers. Two women – one younger, one older form a tumultuous friendship that survives for years as they move through career highs and lows, illness and personal woes.

Donald Margulies’ story of a friendship that is found and lost is simply and delicately handled in the talented hands of actresses – Niamh Kavanagh and Noreen Fynes.

The story is simple, but for me this was the production’s strength, leaving room to explore the emotions that trickled through with each small turn in the story. These complicated webs of emotion build as the characters grow older through the years that Collected Stories spans, hand holding the audience through the friendship’s meanderings.

A great production combines storyline and performance. This small theatre company didn’t make the mistake of biting off more than it could chew and took a wonderful set of characters that are brought to live with two impressive performances to give you a night out at the theatre that leaves you with a lot of food for thought and definitely something to talk about on the way home.

For the record…I was in Ruth camp!

Plays at The Teachers’ Club until February 8 at 8pm.

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