Review: The Art of Wedlock at Chancery Lane Theatre

When you think about it – marriage, love, relationships, all that jazz  – it’s a bit mad to expect two people to live together for the rest of their lives. Always around each other. Always.

Yet we do it.

And we love it all the same.

Speckintime’s first theatrical production is a lively collection of rarely staged one-act plays:

THE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekhov
HERE WE ARE by Dorothy Parker
THE PROBLEM by A. R. Gurney
ENEMIES by Neith Boyce & Hutchins Hapgood

Moving from the classical and tradition to modern and new writing, the collection of plays explores the nature of love and relationships throughout all ages and backgrounds.

Meet Chekhov’s lovesick neighbour who can’t avoid an argument and get swept up in the hilariously silly arguments of Parker’s newlyweds.

Accents run amok in the production with the initial play throwing me slightly (the Russian accents are perhaps unnecessary here). Nevertheless, my ear grew accustomed to the changing accents and I found myself captivated by the range of characters and love stories.

I’m not a champion of the big red V day by any means, but The Art of Wedlock is an entertaining exploration of love and marriage throughout the ages using some fine writing and lively performances.

Plays at Chancery Lane Theatre until February 22. More info here.


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