Review: Adventures in Failure at Smock Alley Theatre

Once upon a time, there lived three mischievous lamp elves, who loved to dance and play and most of all, fix up lamps. But soon, things weren’t going so well for the lamp elves.

Opening to a joyous dance routine and then leaping into a charming story of Marx-Brotherseque escapades in the attempt to save their lamp business, Adventures in Failure is an adorable and heart-warming show.

AIF_2Jessi Carri’s production involves lots and lots of lamps combined with creative lighting direction, some really jazzy guitar accompaniments, lively choreography and three superb performers (Isabel Macedo, Fiona Lucia McGarry and Rachel Mungra).

If you’ve read my previous interview with Miss Carri you’ll know that the show was put together using a lot of improvisation and experimentation during the rehearsal process and knowing this, you can see the natural ebb and flow of the story, with each performer gracefully working with her co-performers.

Smock Alley has been a firm favourite of mine for quite some time, and while the show looked superb in the Boys School with that beautiful exposed stone wall, it did mean that the theatre’s lack of tiered seating meant compromising sight lines. Something that’s not favourable when it comes to a wordless performance where the audience are reliant on facial expressions in order to understand the story.

I’d recommend a front row seat if you’re planning on catching this show (or just be taller than me). Which you should of course. It’s got everything you could need for a good night out at the theatre: something new and fresh, great music, lively performances and a really sweet storyline.

Adventures in Failure plays each night until March 29 at Smock Alley Theatre. More info here.

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