Review: Death Row Cowboy at Smock Alley

DeathRowCowboyFirst time playwrights Andrew Lynch and Mark McCabe have just finished their run at Smock Alley with Death Row Cowboy,  a dark tale of a young man stuck in a very difficult position.

A lively, absorbing piece of work, the characters are brought to life by a line up including Clara Harte who makes a great stab at an exhausted, complex and feisty widow and Mark McCabe as the witless romantic desperately vying for her attention, stopping at nothing to make sure he stays in the race.

The script offers depth and insight into the troubled mind of the young death row candidate, but remains a unique story of a tormented individual and stays away from trying to offer up a case study of a classic killer. The soulful musings of Andrew Lynch’s inmate can sometimes be a bit unbelievable – is he really not angry at all? But in whole, the play is a promising start from two new talents. Definitely names to look out for in the future.

Death Row Cowboy, produced by Bigger Picture Productions in association with Three Peas Theatre Company just completed its first run at Smock Alley Theatre. Keep an eye on the company website to catch the new staging.

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