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His and Hers

So many Irish artsy bloggers are going on about this movie so I had to see it for myself. His and Hers is a documentary (just to stress that for those who say it doesn’t have a storyline!) featuring interviews with women of all ages from the midland counties of Ireland.

Lasting about 80 mins, Ken Wardrop’s latest cinematic adventure is skillfully edited and put together with a certain calm laziness. The viewer is carried gently through a series of narratives by a whole host of young girls and women from a variety of backgrounds each “chatting away” about the men in their lives.

Myself and my buddy really enjoyed it, and even though there were especially poignant moments, particularly later on as we came to the older ladies, some of whom had lost their husbands, the movie makes regular transitions from the dark to the light in order to keep momentum.  The visual transitions in particular were really beautifully done, moving between door frames and into hallways, and there is a special focus on lamps being switched on as well which for me, seems to be an ode to the maternal, life/light creating qualities that women have – is that too deep?!

It’s hard to fault this movie at all, I only wish I had gone with my own mother last week, I will most definitely be buying it for her on DVD as soon as it comes out. Here’s the trailer below, and details of where the film itself can be viewed can be found on the film’s regularly updated site:

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Snow Stops Sherlock

Like everyone else in Dublin this evening, my plans had to be curtailed because less than an inch of snow fell and the whole city went into chaos mode. I guess everyone was a bit paranoid after what happened last year. Bad memories of 7 hour long tail backs on the M50, cars abandoned in the phoenix park, children starving in fields (ok maybe not the last bit), drove us all out of our offices early and onto the footpath or into the jam packed rail services. I took off on foot and got home grand (TG as the mother would say..I’ll let you work that one out yourself) – 10 minutes longer than it would normally take me.

Anyways, I was supposed to go to see Sherlock Holmes this evening, but because the buses weren’t running (they threw their toys out of their pram along with all the passengers on their buses when Dublin City Council refused to grit the roads), I had to walk home while it was bright enough to see what was ice and what wasn’t!!!

It’s a pity because I’ve heard conflicting reports about it, one person said it was a bit crap and someone else told me it was great. I’m imagining it’s going to be “so so” based on an average of those reviews! I was intending on going to see it over Christmas, but went to Nowhere Boy instead which was a great decision. The movie, which focuses on John Lennon early teenage years before the Big B is even mentioned (actually the word is never even mentioned in the movie as far as I recall…good choice!), is really terrific, not in terms of music, but really in terms of the relationships which he has with both his aunt (superbly played by Kristen Scott Thomas) and his mother. It is heart breaking yet incredibly warm and entertaining. My companion said it was a “lovely film” … it was going to point out the oedipus complexities between rising star Aaron Johnson’s young Lennon and Anne Marie Duff’s skitty newfound mother but decided not to spoil the moment!!!

Anyways, fingers crossed the snow will subside and we’ll all get back to normal soon. I plan on getting to Mr Holmes over the weekend – hope it’s worth the wait!

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The Great Big Oscar Movie Watchathon

It shall henchforth be known as GBOMW – because I couldn’t be arsed typing all those words again.

OK, the Oscars approach so now is our chance to seize the opportunity and watch as many movies as possible so that we can all make informed comments on the big night in February. Last year, my buddy Alison did this and by the time Oscar night came around she was really excited to see which of her favourite movies won awards. So, I’ve compiled a list – based on MovieFone’s predictions.  I also did some research on release times for the movies – so here are all the movies to watch along with their release times (according to IMDB and other resources):

In the cinema

Precious (Dec. 09)

A Serious Man (Nov. 20th)

The Lovely Bones (2010)

Up in the Air (Dec. 09)

Nine (Nov. 27th)

Amelia (Nov. 13th)

An Education (Oct. 30th)

Where the Wild Things Are (Dec. 11th 09)

District 9 (?! Now?! Soon?!)

A Single Man (Jan. 2010)

The Informant (Nov. 20th)

The Road (Nov. 09).

Get Low (?)

The Boys are Back (Nov. 09)

Things to get on DVD or Screenclick

Julie & Julia

Star Trek


The Hurt Locker


Broken Embraces

The Burning Plain

That’s a lot of movie watching – I’m glad I have my cineworld card – here’s hoping they get all those movies in. No doubt as the awards draw closer more and more movies will get added. The only one I’ve watched so far has been An Education which was fantastic so I’m glad the GBOMW has got off to a good start.

Any suggestions for other movies? Drop me a comment!!!

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