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Review: This is the Day at Smock Alley Theatre

ThisistheEndThe worst thing about childhood is that it ends before we can appreciate it. If only it came at the end so that we could look forward to it.

A trip to This is the Day, produced by the brand new Play Dough Productions as part of the 10 Days in Dublin Festival with a script by newcomer playwright Cristín Kehoe will tell you all about childhood innocence, but also about the loss of innocence.

The story unfolds in the parish church, making the Boys School in Smock Alley the ideal location. The central character Mary, played convincingly by Rachel Gleeson is notted up her ongoing indecisiveness. Caught between two lovers, Mary will even deny her daughter the enjoyment of her own communion day as her dark secrets begin to rumble.

Whittled down the story centers around a quite simple love triangle, but the script affords the audience a captivating trip through all the nooks and crannies of the story.

A strong and able cast including a pious Manus Halligan and a cheeky Eimear O’Riordan entertain and bring vivid characters to live.

10 Days in Dublin offers heaps of choice for the theatre goer this weekend, but if you’re looking for a bit of dark humour and a captivating love story then you can’t go wrong with This is the Day. Plays final show tomorrow, July 13 at 8.30pm – catch a ticket here.

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Review: Heroin(e) for Breakfast at Smock Alley

3pm isn’t exactly the time of day I’d normally think about shooting up.

Actually now that I think about there isn’t really any time of day I think about shooting up. But y’know I’m middle class, university-educated so I wouldn’t would I?

Which is why attending the matinee performance of Heroin(e) for Breakfast at Smock Alley Theatre yesterday was a bit strange to say the least. Its reputation precedes Heroin(e), having won a Fringe First award in Edinburgh, 2009, and for all its roughness, dirtiness and messiness; the production has quite a clear message about drug addiction – it ruins lives.

The play is quirkily postmodern with the lead character revealing his awareness of the audience, highlight the absurdity of the crowd sitting staring at his living room like disturbed David Attenboroughs.

The characters are clearly drawn with stand out performances by Manus Halligan (Tommy) and Clare O’Malley (Heroin(e)) and the liveliness of these performances, the colourful language used, the great monologues scripted to both these characters give the play a unique character of its own.  The larger than life Tommy has eyes only for the addictive Heroin(e) whose syrupy drawl and coy smile draw him in every time. However, she soon loses her polished look and is revealed for the destructive character she truly is.

In addition, the structure of the play, along with this colourful postmodernism and a lively storyline combine to immerse the audience in what I can only imagine is a trip of their own.

A uniquely colourful play, which seems at once fantasy-like as well as showing the real dirt, drama and destruction caused by drug addiction; Heroin(e) is insightful, fun and quite intense – definitely something different to do with your afternoon!

Plays in Smock Alley Studio until July 12 – performances every evening at 8pm. Tickets (€12/10) from 10 Days in Dublin website.

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10 Days in Dublin Theatre Festival

There’s lots you could do in ten days – you could attempt to train elephants to walk on their tipeetoes, or you could bake 200 loaves of bread and use them to build a fort around yourself. Or you could perhaps indulge yourself in some of Dublin’s newest and rawest talent.

10 Days in Dublin Theatre Festival promises to bring the brightest and newest home-grown talent to stages across the capital starting tomorrow and continuing for, you’ve guessed it, ten days. Their program is quite interesting with a broad and diverse range of productions on offer. Explore the clowning around of Sean Smyth in Don’t Panic, or check out Fishamble’s latest production Skip to the End. There’s also Pillowtalk Theatre Company’s Heroin(e) for Breakfast which won a Fringe First in Edinburgh, 2009.

Theatre aside, there’s plenty else to capture your imagination with separate line ups for music, comedy, spoken word, film and visual arts. Check out all the programs here >>

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