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On all the living and the….

Every time it snows I’m reminded of the final lines of Joyce’s The Dead. It has to be one of the most, if not the most beautiful short story ever written.

Joyce really mastered the art of the short story, mainly down to his uncanny understanding of human nature along with his intense observation on the lives of those around him. You can blab on about literary structures, the modern form and all the intricacies of Joyce’s writing, to be honest I’m not that big on the academic side of it, I just really adore how he can really depict the soul of a person. The Dead has to be top of the list in this regard, how true that someone you’ve married and loved for years can at times be a complete stranger to you.

So, to in some ways celebrate the snow (ah feck it, sure doesn’t it look gorgeous), here’s the last fews lines from John Huston’s very fine adaptation of said beautiful, amazing and fantastic short story.

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Two Door Cinema Club

As we speak…even though we’re not actually speaking – I’m typing and you’re reading (thanks for reading!), I’m having my first listen to Two Door Cinema Club’s album – Tourist History. I know I’m behind the gravy train on this one, but sure better late than never.

They’re sounding great so far anyways. Lots of happy poppiness to counteract all the doom and gloom at the moment. Sign up here for their newsletter and you’ll get a few free downloads – happy days!

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Hop Inn, Athenry and the Value of Viral Videos

I was at a social media conference today and amongst keynote speakers from the likes of YouTube and Facebook, the most memorably, effective and relevant speaker was Neil Molloy from Athenry’s Hop Inn bar who used his innovation, creativity and god given madness to create online video skits which cleverly contain details of upcoming events at his pub!

Definitely something for arts organisations to take on board, viral videos are the way to go, as Sebastien Missoffee from YouTube today predicted – in 2013, 90% of web traffic will be to video content! Have a look at his funnyman antics below:

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