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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

I am well aware that I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, but I’ve finally found something worth sharing, have a watch and get lost in the wonderful world of Mr. Morris Lessmore, this is a beauty:

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On all the living and the….

Every time it snows I’m reminded of the final lines of Joyce’s The Dead. It has to be one of the most, if not the most beautiful short story ever written.

Joyce really mastered the art of the short story, mainly down to his uncanny understanding of human nature along with his intense observation on the lives of those around him. You can blab on about literary structures, the modern form and all the intricacies of Joyce’s writing, to be honest I’m not that big on the academic side of it, I just really adore how he can really depict the soul of a person. The Dead has to be top of the list in this regard, how true that someone you’ve married and loved for years can at times be a complete stranger to you.

So, to in some ways celebrate the snow (ah feck it, sure doesn’t it look gorgeous), here’s the last fews lines from John Huston’s very fine adaptation of said beautiful, amazing and fantastic short story.

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His and Hers

So many Irish artsy bloggers are going on about this movie so I had to see it for myself. His and Hers is a documentary (just to stress that for those who say it doesn’t have a storyline!) featuring interviews with women of all ages from the midland counties of Ireland.

Lasting about 80 mins, Ken Wardrop’s latest cinematic adventure is skillfully edited and put together with a certain calm laziness. The viewer is carried gently through a series of narratives by a whole host of young girls and women from a variety of backgrounds each “chatting away” about the men in their lives.

Myself and my buddy really enjoyed it, and even though there were especially poignant moments, particularly later on as we came to the older ladies, some of whom had lost their husbands, the movie makes regular transitions from the dark to the light in order to keep momentum.  The visual transitions in particular were really beautifully done, moving between door frames and into hallways, and there is a special focus on lamps being switched on as well which for me, seems to be an ode to the maternal, life/light creating qualities that women have – is that too deep?!

It’s hard to fault this movie at all, I only wish I had gone with my own mother last week, I will most definitely be buying it for her on DVD as soon as it comes out. Here’s the trailer below, and details of where the film itself can be viewed can be found on the film’s regularly updated site: hisandhers.ie

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