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Review: Adventures in Failure at Smock Alley Theatre

Once upon a time, there lived three mischievous lamp elves, who loved to dance and play and most of all, fix up lamps. But soon, things weren’t going so well for the lamp elves.

Opening to a joyous dance routine and then leaping into a charming story of Marx-Brotherseque escapades in the attempt to save their lamp business, Adventures in Failure is an adorable and heart-warming show.

AIF_2Jessi Carri’s production involves lots and lots of lamps combined with creative lighting direction, some really jazzy guitar accompaniments, lively choreography and three superb performers (Isabel Macedo, Fiona Lucia McGarry and Rachel Mungra).

If you’ve read my previous interview with Miss Carri you’ll know that the show was put together using a lot of improvisation and experimentation during the rehearsal process and knowing this, you can see the natural ebb and flow of the story, with each performer gracefully working with her co-performers.

Smock Alley has been a firm favourite of mine for quite some time, and while the show looked superb in the Boys School with that beautiful exposed stone wall, it did mean that the theatre’s lack of tiered seating meant compromising sight lines. Something that’s not favourable when it comes to a wordless performance where the audience are reliant on facial expressions in order to understand the story.

I’d recommend a front row seat if you’re planning on catching this show (or just be taller than me). Which you should of course. It’s got everything you could need for a good night out at the theatre: something new and fresh, great music, lively performances and a really sweet storyline.

Adventures in Failure plays each night until March 29 at Smock Alley Theatre. More info here.

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Review: The Art of Wedlock at Chancery Lane Theatre

When you think about it – marriage, love, relationships, all that jazz  – it’s a bit mad to expect two people to live together for the rest of their lives. Always around each other. Always.

Yet we do it.

And we love it all the same.

Speckintime’s first theatrical production is a lively collection of rarely staged one-act plays:

THE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekhov
HERE WE ARE by Dorothy Parker
THE PROBLEM by A. R. Gurney
ENEMIES by Neith Boyce & Hutchins Hapgood

Moving from the classical and tradition to modern and new writing, the collection of plays explores the nature of love and relationships throughout all ages and backgrounds.

Meet Chekhov’s lovesick neighbour who can’t avoid an argument and get swept up in the hilariously silly arguments of Parker’s newlyweds.

Accents run amok in the production with the initial play throwing me slightly (the Russian accents are perhaps unnecessary here). Nevertheless, my ear grew accustomed to the changing accents and I found myself captivated by the range of characters and love stories.

I’m not a champion of the big red V day by any means, but The Art of Wedlock is an entertaining exploration of love and marriage throughout the ages using some fine writing and lively performances.

Plays at Chancery Lane Theatre until February 22. More info here.


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Review: Collected Stories at The Teachers’ Club

Stories lie behind stories in Company D Theatre’s newest production ‘Collected Stories’ currently playing at The Teachers’ Club on Parnell Square.

CollectedStoriesA small theatre space awaits you with a poignant, at times playful and evocative story of storytellers. Two women – one younger, one older form a tumultuous friendship that survives for years as they move through career highs and lows, illness and personal woes.

Donald Margulies’ story of a friendship that is found and lost is simply and delicately handled in the talented hands of actresses – Niamh Kavanagh and Noreen Fynes.

The story is simple, but for me this was the production’s strength, leaving room to explore the emotions that trickled through with each small turn in the story. These complicated webs of emotion build as the characters grow older through the years that Collected Stories spans, hand holding the audience through the friendship’s meanderings.

A great production combines storyline and performance. This small theatre company didn’t make the mistake of biting off more than it could chew and took a wonderful set of characters that are brought to live with two impressive performances to give you a night out at the theatre that leaves you with a lot of food for thought and definitely something to talk about on the way home.

For the record…I was in Ruth camp!

Plays at The Teachers’ Club until February 8 at 8pm.

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