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Literature Death Match @ The Workman’s Club

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but between the jigs and the reels, or work, college and family schtuff, I’m only getting ’round to it now.

Anyways, after missing Literary Death Match in June, I made sure to attend the next installment. Held, in the Workman’s Club, the match was less of the geeky and more of the giggles and silliness.

Hosted with much clever humour and lots of aforementioned silliness, by Todd Zuniga, the death match involves three judges – Trevor Byrne, Cathy Davey and Jarleth Regan this time round, and four relatively unheard of, yet very talented, writers – Sarah Maria Griffin, Simon Ashe-Browne, Philip O’Connor and Noel Sweeney. Oddly enough the two poets of the group – Griffin and Sweeney were not pitted against each other – and were instead arranged to contend with two prose writers – Ashe-Browne and O’Connor. This arrangement was left to a bizarre method of throwing pieces of paper bearing each writers names into the audience and letting the audience shout up the names they had caught.

The battles themselves involved each writer reading/performing their work, and then handing over to the judges to decide who should go through to the final. It seems a little unfair to think that writers should be judged on their performance, but actually the judges were very careful not to put too much weight on their performance and did instead judge on their work.

The night was full of laughs and general silliness, including a battle to the death between the two finalists – Griffin and Ashe-Brown, which involved scrunched up paper and a basketball ring.

Griffin did emerge triumphant in the end, and I think that from the get-go the entire audience was behind her. Her performance was very captivating, but her poetry (and I don’t even like poetry that much) was fantastic: funny, quirky and giving great observations on the trials of love. See for yourself.

In all, I’m looking forward to the next death match, whenever that is. I giggled my way through the night and got to experience new writers with fresh material and engaging performances. Clickedy click to see when the next event is on.


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Ulysses Seen

I’m glad my first post as an official “dot.ier” is on Joyce!

For those who want to experience the story of Ulysses but just can’t be arsed reading the novel (it’s my blog I’m allowed curse!) then a comic book version is a great option!

Robert Berry and co. have spent a lot of time illustrating Ulysses in this superb online comic book adaptation – Ulysses Seen. Created not just as an illustration of the novel, but also as an online edition of Joyce’s masterpiece, this version is also highly interactive and includes a user’s guide to open up certain sections to the reader.

The process is extremely time consuming and costly so the project has only completed episodes one and four so far, episode 4 Calypso has just been released in time for this year’s Bloomsday. In my opinion it’s a fantastic way to open up Joyce’s Ulysses to a wider audience, go explore here: http://www.ulyssesseen.com/ (also available for the iPad!)

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Le Cool Dublin Walking Experience

I did something this weekend that I’ve never done before….so now so, how many of ye can say that?

As you may or may not already know, Le Cool Dublin launched recently. An online magazine, which publishes itself into your email every Thursday full of all the events you can look forward to in Dublin, Le Cool Dublin is part of a wider European family of Le Cool websites. However, the Dublin site has decided to diversify a little bit and now, instead of just winging a newsletter to their subscribers once a week, Le Cool are bringing you to the streets, or the streets to you….ok you and the streets together.

After sponsoring them the meagre amount of €15 on Fundit.ie (it’s a recession ok……I had to save for flights to Oz), I was granted a free pass to their first walking tour yesterday. To be honest I hadn’t a clue what to expect and arrived along with little expectation.

Sites taken in along the walk included David Foran’s exhibition at Clyne Gallery; a trip to the Redress pop up shop in the Powerscourt Centre as part of Dublin Better Fashion Week, one of Dublin’s oldest barbers – The Waldorf on Westmoreland St where we got a great introduction to the barber tradition along with a sneak peek into their back room where there’s an array of old barber tools and hairdryers; Adair Lane (it runs parallel to Fleet St, Quay side) where there’s a really weird exhibition of placards to Irish pop culture icons like Gay Byrne and the showbands among many others; and a trip to “closing today” pop up restaurant Crack Bird on Crane Lane.

My favourite stop along the way was the Project Arts Centre where Eleanor from Dublin Dance Festival spoke to us about the festival and in particular about the piece of work currently being staged in the Project by Balbir Singh – Decreasing Infinity (video below but musicians are different). The piece is a meeting point between modern dance form and traditional Kathak dancing which originates in Northern India. The piece is also accompanied by a tabla player and a very cool human beat boxer. After Eleanor’s introduction, we were allowed to watch the performers rehearsing and they also gave a quick Q&A session after. Click here to find out more about booking yourself in to attend the show today or tomorrow.

In all the tour was really different, not touristy at all and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves discovering new things in Dublin, and instead of flicking through an events guide would like to get out on the street and get introduced to new venues and events. I’d even recommend it to tourists as the first thing for them to do when they land in Dublin if they don’t want to do the general run of the mill touristy stuff.

In all, a fun and cheap thing to do with your Saturday afternoon, click here for more info on “booking your boots in”: Le Cool Dublin Walking Tours.

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